Thursday, August 18, 2011

Dev-C++ released

I've run out of fancy opening messages.

Changes - Version - 18 Augustus 2011
  • Fixed a regression: class or variable browsing by control clicking now works again.
  • Pasting chunks of code that require scrolling now force a refresh instead of showing gibberish.
  • The portable shortcut now runs .\devcpp.exe instead of one in Program Files.
  • Fixed: Typing stuff like foo[bar.member] spawned the completion tooltip of foo when typing the '.' after bar.
  • Added a D3D9 example template.
  • The shortcut is now a proper autoit executable.
  • Rewritten the GDB communication code that retrieves register contents.
  • Added a standards (-std) selection option.

Important notices
  1. The options format has changed. If you want to reuse an old pre- config file (NOT recommended), or, more importantly, when you're overriding Compiler Options in your project, you need to re-set these project settings once and save the project. You'll then have an updated project file.
  2. This version has GCC built-in instead of being an aditional package. It also contains D3D9/10/11, GDI, Win32 and OpenGL headers and libraries in that flavor.
  3. This version is now fully portable. If you also don't want Dev to leave anything behind in the registry, please select "Portable" or "Minimal" in the setup options.
  4. For ultimate portable programming, please launch devcppPortable.exe located in the main folder of the portable zip download. This will make dev save its configuration files in the same folder as the executable.

The setup can be downloaded here. The Portable zip version can be downloaded here. The source code can be found here.

Problems / Upcoming changes
  • NOT FIXED: Dev-C++ stalls when it tries to terminate console programs waiting at "Press any key" lines.
  • FIXED: A bunch of Copy menu items now listen to shortcuts like Ctrl-C too.
  • FIXED: Added font customization for the compiler sheet.
  • Not useful.
  • FIXED: Tab shortcuts now use Tabs instead of Shift-Ctrl-I and Shift-Ctrl-U (who came up with that fingerbreaking combination anyway?).
  • FIXED: Restyled pretty much everything.
  • FIXED: Reorganized a few windows to make better use of space.
  • FIXED: Several SynEdits now do not have an infinitely long scrollbar anymore.
  • FIXED: The splash screen now does not show up behind the tooltips anymore.
  • FIXED: Improved startup speed for the New Look theme.
  • FIXED: Updated the splash screen text.
  • FIXED: Added more keyboard shortcuts to rightclick menus.
  • FIXED: Removed everything XPMenu related. This shaves off about 7000 lines of code and makes Dev a bit faster.
  • FIXED: Added a bunch of code insertion templates. For example, WinMain, WindProc and a do-while() loop.
  • FIXED: More...


  1. Nice release!

    The bug tracker of original Dev-C++:

    A similar Dev-C++ project:

    I hope those links might help you.

    And what about adding C++11 intellisense, code completion, syntax highlight etc features?

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  3. Good day

    can i ask for an advice from u?
    coz i have this thesis which i have to log error messages to a text file..

    which do you think is right to do? modify the dev c++ program or create a separate program that could do it?..

    hoping for your reply



  4. @Xazax:

    I had a look at the tracker when you posted it earlier on (should've replied), but most (let's say 95%) of bugs are PEBCAK. The only useful one I found and fixed is one about the broken SimpWin example.

    And, uhm, about C++0x/11: I'm currently working on user-defined keyword highlighting. Might as well supply a standard set for C++11.

    But MinGW's GNU doesn't support everything yet:

    ... so I have to be careful with adding stuff.

  5. @mdiz:

    I've you're talking about logging the compiler messages: ask me for the improved version (still testing) with a new right-click menu:

    If you're talking about stderr and runtime errors, you could try DebugView.

  6. Thanks for picking this project up. I despise a lot of IDEs and really like Dev C++ but was put off with its lack of recent development. Thanks again!

  7. @sir orwell: i'm glad you reply sir...

    what i mean sir is to have a copy of that error messages to a text file

    just like this

    can i ask some idea from you of how to do this?i'm planning right now to modify the main.pas and place a code there that will able to write the error messages to a text file...

    tnx sir...

  8. Try this one:

    It has the option to copy all items in the compiler log. Will add a save option today.

  9. good day sir

    tnx for your reply again sir,

    sir i'm sorry but i think there's a problem with the file you gave, i can't extract the content of .zip

    ! E:\My Documents\Downloads\Compressed\Dev-Cpp 5.0 test overwrite Unknown method in devcpp.exe
    ! E:\My Documents\Downloads\Compressed\Dev-Cpp 5.0 test overwrite No files to extract

  10. That's weird, I just zipped it up using 7zip.

    I'll just seize the opportunity and give you a newer version:

  11. wow maybe i'm the second one to use this version,

    nice updates sir..

    btw sir when i tried to save all the logs it crashes the program..

    tnx for that sir

  12. Hum, that's weird. It's working just fine for me:

    Can you give a step by step explanation of what's needed to make Dev crash?

  13. this one sir,

    are u using delphi 7 sir?

  14. Looks like your files don't have any extension.

    I should test that. Might be causing problems...

    Oh, and, yes, I'm using Delphi 7 with SynEdit_D7.

  15. This is the last update I'll be posting today:

    Might just fix it. ;)

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  17. is that a plugin sir?for delphi 7?

    or are u referring to the one inside this folder

    i'm sorry for bothering u sir
    coz i really badly needed this one sir..

  18. * update *

    Oh, and, yes, SynEdit is the stuff located in that folder.

    And don't bother about bothering me. :P

    I also want that bug fixed!

  19. i still get an error when saving error logs

    but its new


  20. Take #3

    Please let this one work dammit!

  21. sir i still get the same error..

    maybe later i will try it with another computer,to confirm that error sir..

    sir what package do i need in compiling synedit?

    coz i have problem in compiling synedit_d7

  22. I'm uploading the final version of Dev-C++ 5.0 at the moment. Maybe you'll have better luck compiling that one.

    But all you need to do is:
    1) double click the three Delphi packages and click Install.
    2) compile the four .rc files with cmd.
    3) open devcpp.dpr and click Build.

    Oh, and I suggest placing the source folder in root, so devcpp ends up here:



  24. Honestly, I don't have a clue which version Dev uses, but SynEdit_D7.dpk should work just fine.

  25. sir is this the one responsible for the output of error messages?

    huhuhu,delphi has very limited resources,that can be found in the internet u know any delphi forum?

    i followed your instruction but when i compile synedit, it will look for synedit_r7.bpl.

  26. How i can call intellisense tech for my code...keys combination?
    Sample VS2010: Ctrl+Space